Animal Ark, a happy, pet-friendly shelter

By making Animal Ark a happy place for homeless companion animals, we have also made it a pleasant place for people to come when looking for a new pet.

Animal Ark has the most home-like animal shelter in Minnesota. Our shelter is located in the historic city of Hastings and is an easy 30-minute drive from either St. Paul or Minneapolis. We also operate a cat adoption center adjacent to our Thrift Store at 809 E. 7th St. in St. Paul. Animal Ark provides some of the best animal housing available to homeless pets in our community.
Animal Ark also provides an adoption guarantee for stray animals within the cities of Rosemount and Hastings, Minnesota as well as Prescott, WI. We also accept owner surrendered animals from within these communities and from the Twin Cities and surrounding suburbs. We also work very closely with St. Paul Animal Control and as well as extending our rescue efforts into Minneapolis.

Animal Ark is unique among the animal shelters in Minnesota. Though we are small and have limited funds, we have built and maintain the most elaborate sheltering available for homeless dogs and cats. At our Hastings shelter instead of small, cold, stainless steel cages, cats are housed in large, open, kitty apartments that include exterior windows, cat trees and other amenities.

Dogs are housed in spacious kennels, the largest of which measure 9-feet by 12-feet. Each dog is provided with its own, soft, raised bed with blankets, chew toys and treats. Large, outdoor play yards are provided for our pooches. Three times each day, dogs are taken out for potty breaks and play with other dogs. In the heat of summer, kiddy pools provide the dogs with cool comfort. Additionally, dogs are walked and receive training and socialization each day by a group of dedicated volunteers. Note: If you'd like to join in the rewarding experience of volunteering at Animal Ark, you can learn more here.

Every year in the United States millions of dogs and cats are abandoned by their owners. Many of these pets are destroyed by the animal shelters that were founded to save them. An estimated 20,000 dogs and cats are killed in shelters and pounds in the Twin Cities area each year. Unlike other shelters, Animal Ark maintains a "no-kill" philosophy to animal rescue and adoption. Animal Ark will not euthanize an animal unless it is terminally ill and suffering, or poses a risk to human safety. Pets in our care receive medical attention, training and socialization. Animal Ark serves approximately one thousand pets each year, and is the largest No Kill shelter in the Twin Cities.

Animal Ark embraces life and teaches respect for all living things by reinforcing the bond between humans and animals. We offer a Pet Lost and Found service to the community in addition to advocating for pet retention programs, TNR for feral and free roaming cats, and various other steps, many of which are outlined in what has become formally known as the No Kill Equation, a series of life-saving programs developed by the No Kill Advocacy Center. Animal Ark has been a leader in the Twin Cities concerning these programs, and we have found they are quintessential in ending the needless killing of animals in shelters. We also believe in the importance of teaching responsible pet guardianship and accomplish this by serving as a model to our community and our clientele.

We ask people to understand that although we pamper and care for our pets, each of our animals is still missing the most important thing in their lives… a home and family of their own.

Founded in 1977, we are a 501(c)3 non-profit Minnesota corporation.