Surrendering an Animal to Animal Ark

Finding a home for your pet is not always easy. It may take some time. You should be prepared to help.

Although Animal Ark believes that the decision to get a pet is a life-long commitment, we do understand there are extreme situations which can make it difficult or impossible to live up to the responsibility of a pet, such as the death of the pet's guardian or sudden illness. However, we find these situations to be far less common than are the numbers of animals waiting to be surrendered to our facility.

In 2010 Animal Ark signed a ground-breaking agreement with Shamrock Animal Hospital, the organization that provides impound services for Hastings and Rosemount, Minnesota as well as Prescott, Wisconsin. As a result of this agreement, any homeless pet in these communities is guaranteed a safe place, unless they are deemed terminally ill or seriously dangerous to people. While fulfilling this agreement, Animal Ark has also maintained a live release rate of 98% for all animals that come to our shelter.

Because of Animal Ark's success with our no kill policy, in combination of our high standards of animal care, people from all over Minnesota, Wisconsin and beyond contact Animal Ark seeking to place animals at our facility. We work to accomondate these pets as room is available. When accepting these pets, we assume all responsibility for the animal(s) including daily food, water, shelter and medical care. We will provide this care until the animal is placed into an adoptive home. This a responsibility which we do not take lightly. All animals brought to our facility are to be spayed or neutered before they leave the facility. They require vaccinations. Some need extensive medical attention. Others require socialization and behavior training. On average, Animal Ark spends about $450 on every pet for which we care.

For all of these reasons, the speed at which we can accept your animals will vary depending on many factors, including the animals health, disposition, breed, age and other considerations. Smaller breed dogs, for example, are easier to adopt than are larger breeds. Animals which are obedience-trained, potty-trained and friendly are also easier to adopt into new homes. Younger animals are easier to place than older animals. Fortunately, you are capable of impacting your animals' chances of getting adopted, thereby making it easier for Animal Ark to take them in. Following these easy steps will help you to help Animal Ark to rehome your animals:

While Animal Ark is committed to helping rehome your animals, we can not do this alone. We need your support and assistance. For more information on surrendering animals, send an email to the Shelter.